Warm water, sunshine, tropical islands, and the perfect introductory rapids mean that our full day white water kayaking trip is sure to give you a memorable experience, off the tourist trail.
Even if you’ve never been in a kayak before, you’ll be picking your own route through the famous crashing white water of the mighty Nile and mastering your first rapids in no time at all. People travel from all over the world to kayak the Nile and we passionately believe it’s the best place in the world for it.

Your day will consist of two parts; a calm water introduction & an afternoon white water trip.

From our base at Bujagali you’ll head down to Lake Bujagali with an experienced Kayak the Nile instructor, keen to share his passion for kayaking. The flat water here provides an ideal environment for us to teach you a few fundamentals of kayaking. You will be introduced to the key concepts – learning how to control your boat and where it goes, how to get out of your boat if you need to and the basic strokes and techniques.

Comfortable with the morning, the afternoon is the main event. Taking a short drive from our base out through the villages, we rejoin the river at the first free-flowing section of the Nile. Between lush jungle islands teaming with wild-life you’ll tackle your first rapid, with your guide leading the way.

The section of white water on the Nile that we choose for your first day of kayaking has a great variety of fun waves to surf, rapids to master and eddy lines to play on. The section is deep, warm and has no rocks to hit, so we even continue to use this section on our multi day courses if you fancy further building up your skills.

Our expert photographers capture all the smiles, so you can relive the adventure for years to come.


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The Mighty White Nile

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